How to Obtain and use Walmart Parking, Sam’s Club and Pilot/Flying J

“Custom POI” files for Garmin Navigation Devices


Download the appropriate files as listed below, by clicking on the file name. You may need a “right click” on a PC or “control-click” on a Mac to download a file rather than just displaying it. For each type of facility you want (Walmart, Sam’s or Pilot/Flying J) you will need both the location (.csv) and icon (.bmp) files. Instructions for use are after the list.

Walmarts_WLH.csv  (Locations and descriptions for Walmarts) - Revised 10/28/19

Walmarts_WLH.bmp  (Map icon for Walmarts) - Revised 10/10/10

SamsClubs_WLH.csv  (Locations and descriptions for Sam’s Clubs) - Revised 1/16/18

SamsClubs_WLH.bmp  (Map icon for Sam’s Clubs) - Revised 8/14/10

PilotFlyingJ_WLH.csv  (Locations and descriptions for Pilot/Flying Js) - Revised 12/13/17

PilotFlyingJ_WLH.bmp (Map icon for Pilot/Flying Js) - Revised 10/1/11


Put the downloaded files in a folder containing nothing else (other than any other custom POI and icon files that you may also be using for your Garmin). Use the USB cable that came with your Garmin to connect it to your PC or Mac. Launch the program "POI Loader", (get from Garmin at, and specify the folder where you put the files. The POI Loader will load all the custom POI files that are in the folder. For some devices this will replace any existing custom POI files in the device (not Garmin’s built-in POI files). For other devices you are given a choice of just loading new POI sets or deleting the existing ones. None of this affects the "regular" POI sets that came preloaded on your unit.


On the Garmin, you can see the POIs by tapping "Where To?", then "Extras" (or “My Locations” or “Saved” on some models), then "Custom POIs", then select a POI set. You will see a list, ordered by distance from your current location. For Walmarts, the name will begin with "NO PARKING" if overnight RV parking is not allowed at that store. For Pilot and Flying Js, the name will end with words to indicate no dump, no propane or no RV island, if any of those apply.


After selecting a location, for some Garmin models, tapping "More" will give an address, and in the case of Walmarts, a store phone number. Tapping "Show Map" will display a map with the location centered and identified with an appropriate icon and name. For the Garmin units without the “More” button (see above), tapping the location’s name on this screen will show the additional information.


At any other time when viewing the map, any of the custom POI icons will be visible if you are zoomed in at least a close as when the scale at the lower left of the screen shows "200 ft" or less. Note: this is zoomed in much further than the point where the Garmin built-in icons become visible.


These files contain all of the Walmarts, Sam's Clubs in the US (with some exceptions; see below), and are created from the same databases that produce the "Walmart Parking List" (available from the Walmart page here), and the map overlay files at the Discovery Owners web site (click here for more information).


The Walmart POIs do not include Walmart “Neighborhood Markets”. The Pilot/Flying J file includes all the “RV friendly” Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers. To be included, a Pilot or Flying J location must have at least one of: a dump station; an RV fuel island; and/or propane. This excludes Flying J “Fuel Stops”, “Gas Stations” and “Cardlok” locations, and excludes most Pilot locations.


Please report any inaccuracies to me at, so that the files can be updated to be of maximum use to all. I am glad to help with any questions.


Bill Halberstadt    rev. 1/4/16