You can display the Walmart information in Google Earth. First go to the Discovery Owners site:


and click on either "Alphabetically" or "Newest First". Then select "Google Earth" from the pull-down list. Download the files you want from the next-to-last column ("File Download"). Put them wherever you like on your computer.

Double-clicking any of the downloaded files should launch Google Earth with all the sites located by an appropriate icon. Double-clicking additional downloaded files adds them. In the left hand column, under "Places", you will see the name(s) of the file(s) you have opened. Click on the plus sign by any of these to expand the list, showing all the street addresses. You can click on any of these, or on any icon on the map, to zoom to that store's location.

Remember that there are separate files for "Walmarts", “Walmart Supercenters", and "Walmarts that do not allow overnight parking".

All the data for those files comes from the same database as used for the other applications described in this site.