Map overlay Files


If you use a computer-based GPS/navigation program, such as Delorme’s “Street Atlas” or Microsoft’s “Streets & Trips”, or use Google Earth, there is a free collection of “map overlay” files available. These files, when used with your program, will create symbols directly on the map, showing the location of, for instance, all Walmarts and whether or not each one permits overnight parking. Files are available for over a hundred other locations, such as Sam’s Clubs, Flying Js, state parks in every state, Cracker Barrel restaurants, Camping World stores, Escapee Parks, and many, many more. The icons for each file can be turned on or off at will.

The files are maintained through the volunteer work of Bob Cook and several other volunteers who provide raw data to him. They are located at a special portion of the web site. This portion is open to anyone, whereas much of the rest of the site is restricted to owners of Discovery brand coaches.

To access the files and tutorials on their use, go to:

For a specific tutorial on using the overlays with Delorme’s “Street Atlas”, CLICK HERE.

For a specific tutorial for use with Microsoft’s “Streets & Trips”,

For a specific tutorial on using the information with “Google Earth”,