Using map overlay files with street Atlas


Make sure that your Street Atlas has “Advanced File Management” enabled. For the 2009 or later version, you do this by clicking on the small triangle to the right of the word “Options” at the top of the screen, and selecting “Change File Management”. It will tell you which form of file management is being used. For the 2007 and 2008 versions, click on the “Help” icon and do the same. For earlier versions, you should just upgrade, since your maps are far out of date anyway. If you have any version of “Street Atlas Plus”, you have advanced file management already.

Go to the portion of the Discovery Owners web site where the files are:
Here you will find tutorials, and two clickable links at the top of the page for accessing the files themselves (sorted alphabetically or newest-first). Click on “Alphabetically”, then choose “MS Streets” as your program. The resulting list of files shows a date of last revision to help you determine how up-to-date the file is. There is also an email address for use in reporting changes to the person responsible for the data in each file. For Walmarts, you want the three files (near the bottom) “Walmart”, “Walmart Super” and “Walmart locations that ban RV parking”. Download each file and unzip them on your computer. Each of the resulting files will end with “.an1”. You can then trash the downloaded files ending in “.zip” if they are still on your computer. Put the .an1 files into the folder “Draw”, which is inside the folder “Delorme Docs” (which is usually at the top level of “My Computer”).

If the files you added are updated versions of ones you had before, be sure that the new ones do replace the old versions. If the names are the same, this will happen automatically, but sometimes newer files will have a slightly different name (by one letter), so you may have to delete the old ones manually.

Now start Street Atlas, and click on the tab “Map Files” at lower left. If the resulting window at the bottom of the screen does not show “Route Files” and “Draw Files”, then click on the “File” small rectangle on the left and select “Current View”, then “Contents”.  To the far right, click on “Add” and select “Draw File”. If the resulting window is not the folder “Draw”, navigate to the Draw folder where you put the .an1 files. Select the appropriate file(s) and click “Add”. This will add those files to your “Map Files” window, under the heading “Draw Files”. Each has a box to its left which can be checked or unchecked to turn that “layer” on or off on your map.