Using map overlay files with street & Trips


Go to this portion of the Discovery Owners web site where the files are:
Here you will find tutorials, and two clickable links at the top of the page for accessing the files themselves (sorted alphabetically or newest-first). Click on “Alphabetically”, then choose “MS Streets” as your program. The resulting list of files shows a date of last revision to help you determine how up-to-date each file is. There is also an email address for use in reporting changes to the person responsible for the data in each file.

For Walmarts, you want the three files (near the bottom) “Walmart”, “Walmart Super” and “Walmart locations that ban RV parking”. Download each file (from the 4th column “File Download”) and unzip them on your computer. Each of the resulting files will end with “.est”, and is a “Pushpin set”. You can then trash the downloaded files ending in “.zip” if they are still on your computer.

Double-clicking any of the files will open Streets & Trips with a new map and the pushpin set enabled.

Note that most of these were produced with Streets & Trips 2010. Earlier versions may not be able to use them, and version 2011 will perform an extra step on opening, to make the set compatible.

There is also a “Megafile”, containing ALL of the locations from the Discovery Owners site. This is available from the main page (see 1st paragraph above), and works well only with the 2010 version of Streets & Trips. It will load all the pushpin sets, and each one can then be turned on or off (hidden) as you wish.

Another site with a discussion of the Megafile is HERE. There is also a good tutorial on use of the Megafile at:
It is written for S&T 2010, but applies equally to S&T 2011.