Walmart Overnight RV Parking Resources


Click on any of the below items to get the indicated files or information:

“Custom POI” files for your Garmin GPS navigation device which will locate all Walmarts (with parking status), Sam’s Clubs, and Flying Js.

Information on “map overlay” files for use with Microsoft “Streets & Trips”, Delorme “Street Atlas”, Google Earth and other GPS/navigation computer programs. This relates to the files at the Discovery Owners web site.

Walmart’s published policy on RV parking (3rd question in the list there).

Here are a couple of rare sights!

Photo by Bob & Sally Harnish; Walmart in Idaho Falls, ID.

Photo by Mac McClellan ( after hurricane Katrina; Sam’s Club in Gulfport, MS.

A list of all US Walmarts, with their addresses, phone numbers and overnight parking status, as a PDF file.  Revised 10/28/19.


The same listing, as an Excel spreadsheet...


The overnight parking “Code of Conduct” endorsed by several RVing organizations (PDF file).